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                    KIC's product design aims to maximize practical value and invest in rapid returns. Therefore, the investment in KIC products is a correct choice for comprehensive process management and total quality management.

                    Product specification

                    Product introduction

                    The Advantages of KICstart

                    1、Affordable prices

                    2、Fast, convenient and accurate temperature measurement

                    3、Easy to use software

                    4、Reliable, durable hardware

                    5、24-Hour customer service support

                    6、KICstart2 data table

                    7、KICstart2 A4 data table

                    Outstanding value

                    KICstart2? The excellent value uses the core technology of KIC, which is the world leader in thermal process temperature measurement, and is supported by KIC's deployment worldwide. Low cost coupled with innovative process technology makes KICstart2 an ideal cost-effective thermometer.

                    Easy use 

                    KICstart2 The configuration is simple and not complicated, but it allows you to quickly obtain accurate temperature curves. KICtart2 is the right choice for you to use only to know the temperature curve of the product immediately. The patented design of KICstart2 allows the temperature curves of each component with a thermocouple to be displayed synonously.

                    Instant process analysis 

                    Once the temperature curve has been tested, KICstar2 will use the Process Window Index(PWI) to analyze the process. PWI is a single number used to determine whether the actual process of a product is within the range of process specifications set for it(please refer to PWI's technical information for details). PWI provides you with an instant, intuitive and objective data to determine whether the product produced meets the process specifications, thus avoiding substantive speculation.

                    Reliable and durable 

                    KICstart2Extraordinary accuracy and reliability compared with other award-winning KIC products. It is a 6-channel temperature tester using the solid physics process. It is designed to withstand the periodic heat processing process on lead-free or leaded electronic assemblies for many years.

                    Precision ± 0.5°C
                    Decomposition Variable between 0.10 °C and 0.30 °C
                    Internal operating temperature 0°C to 105°C
                    Sampling frequency 0.1 to 10 times per second
                    Number of samples 45,000
                    Connect computer mode USB 2.0 (Std-A/Mini-B)
                    Power requirements 9V alkaline battery
                    Thermocouple compatibility properties
                    6 channels Standard K type
                    Temperature range -150°C to 1050°C
                    Size(LxWxH): 205mm x 66mm x 20mm
                    Insulation sleeve: Refer to specifications in the table of temperature resistance parameters of the following insulation sleeve

                    Cable Data Download Model: Data can be downloaded to the computer via USB cable: KICstart2 uses software protected by an encrypted dog. The accuracy of the instrument is based on the calibration of the original plant.

                    Process Window Index

                    A single number to indicate the advantages and disadvantages of a temperature curve

                    PWI is an objective mathematical calculation method. It uses a single number to measure the degree to which the temperature curve approaches the process window. PWI is thus of great benefit to process optimization: it can quickly compare and arrange the degrees of proximity of different temperature curves to the process window. The lower the PWI value represents the more efficient and stable the process! (For details, please refer to PWI Data Sheet)